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90-DAY diabetes transformation PROGRAM

Our 90-day Diabetes Transformation Program Will Change Your Life


habit change

Our 90-day program is the best, but not the only way to get started with our diabetic or pre-diabetic program. My clients that are referred to me by endocrinologists generally start with this AFTER the free initial meeting.


Since HABIT CHANGE is a focus of my program my 90-day program is the most effective way to integrate NEW HABITS.


Our 90-day Program consists of:


• 12 Weekly 50-Minute Coaching Sessions

• Email and Text Support Between Sessions

• Free Access to Workshops

• Positive Support and Encouragement to Follow Through


​Each session will have a discussion of your progress and you will receive recommendations and action steps:


• Suggestions for adjustments in diet and exercise

• Stress reduction techniques including meditation, mindful eating, and deep relaxation

• Laser coaching based on your individual needs

•  A Written Progress Report to Your Physician


Before we start any coaching program we will start with a free 50 minute session to explain our program and to determine if we are a good fit together.



What Results Can I Expect?


Your Personalized Program Will Radically Improve Your Health.


You will see it in your every day life, in how you feel. You will see it in your daily attitude, and your energy level. When the time comes for your blood tests, you will see it when you get the results. YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER!


During the course of the program, you will:


• Set and Accomplish Goals

• Gain Emotional and Spiritual Clarity

• Explore Different Things to Eat

• Increase Your Self-Confidence

• Receive Potential Medicine Adjustments**

• Explore Mindful Eating

• Improve Your Sleep

• Ignite Your Life Passion

• Gain a Positive Attitude

• Transform Diabetes into a Blessing


**Only from Physician


If you are interested in taking advantage of our 90-day HABIT CHANGE program to better your life and transform your diabetes into a blessing, contact Joel Steinberg - Diabetes and Cardio Coach today to get started.







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