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Change will ultimately come from you and you alone. As your nutritional coach, I will help you make that commitment to yourself to make small incremental changes, which will implement dramatic results. If you have tried many diets but still have trouble either resisting those carbs, or talking yourself out of taking that walk or going to the gym, I will help you make those small incremental changes that lead to more success for you.


You may not always accomplish the task, but that is not failure, it is part of your journey. This is life. This is what habit change is all about. Mindfulness will be a tool in our work together, whether it be with HOW we eat, or HOW we live our life or choosing WHAT we eat. In many ways how we eat, and our attitude is more important as WHAT we eat.Do you chew your food thoroughly for effective digestion? Are you the fastest eater at the table?


There are many diets to choose from. Some prefer Keto, some prefer the Dash Diet, some prefer low fat, some prefer high fat. The attitude you bring to eating will go a long way towards success. For more information about my services as your nutritional coach, contact Joel Steinberg - Diabetes and Cardio Coach today.


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