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My type 2 programs is a collaborative partnership between you and me, designed to give all the empowerment to you!

Our type 2 program is divided into several categories based on whether you are:

  • Just diagnosed and need a helping start
  • A type 2 diabetic with an A1C under 7.2
  • A type 2 diabetic with an A1C over 7.2


Transform your diabetes into a lifetime blessing!!


Empower yourself to:

  • Find a healthy diet that fits your lifestyle that you can modify and change to be effective
  • Lower your A1C + Achieve more stable and predictable blood sugar numbers
  • Lose weight and find the right exercise for your health
  • Learn to make small incremental habit changes to begin the process of transformation
  • Get control of your cravings/binge eating
  • Learn the techniques that fit your lifestyle to reduce stress, increase activity, and improve mood
  • Develop a daily practice of making small changes in habits
  • Receive an individualized program to succeed


What This Program Includes:

  • A complete 3 or 6 month program, with 1:1 coaching with Joel. This can be done in person, or on FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.
  • Regular access to Joel in between weekly appointments to answer questions that come up concerning exercise, diet/food, routines, or difficulties.
  • Emails and/or conversations with yor endocrinologist or other physician
  • Support and advice with the stress reduction techniques we choose, whether they be yoga, meditation, mindful practice, or prayer
  • We will dig deep into blood sugar patterns and insulin sensitivity, and how they relate to diet and exercise, as well as stress reduction habits


Who this program is right for:

  • People who are type 2 diabetics, or pre-diabetics that fit into these categories:
    • People who would like a collaborative partnership with Joel designed to empower you, the client
    • People looking to change habits gradually to manifest big changes in health and life attitude
    • People who are feeling depressed, overwhelmed, or weighed down by their lack of progress on their own


The 3 Month Program is recommended for people with an A1C under 7.2

The 6 Month Program is recommended for people with an A1C over 7.2



  • Call 703-656-9540 to arrange your free 50-minute meeting to learn more and for us to determine if we are a good fit for a collaborative partnership to empower you towards success
  • Decide on a plan after we discuss what is best



Empower yourself for transformation and to make diabetes a lifetime blessing and set the first appointment in person, on FaceTime, or on Skype!

TRansform Your diabetes into a lifetime blessing | Collaborative Partnership Empowerment PRograms



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