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As your cardio coach, we will work together to explore ways to gently progress in your exercise routine, whether it involves a short walk, a long bike ride, or something in between. You will discover that diabetes or cardio issues can be used to allow you to have greater health and quality of life than if you never had any health matters to begin with.


It is undeniable that excessive stress can contribute towards high blood sugar. It raises cortisol levels. When cortisol is continuously released through your body it makes it hard to carry on our day to day lives. Adding a need to control blood sugar and blood pressure, increases the need for powerful laser focused cardio coaching sessions that will help stimulate small changes in your lifestyle lead to substantial health and lifestyle benefits.


To learn more about my services as your personal cardio coach or to schedule an appointment with me, contact Joel Steinberg - Diabetes and Cardio Coach today to begin your journey.


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