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Joel Steinberg's  Story

My present sustained success with diabetes and cardio matters after struggles with it are a good part of the reason that I have a passion to guide others in their quest for health. In addition, my spiritual perspective on life is another aspect that contributes to my passion. My spiritual foundation is based on doing everything I can to allow gratitude and humility to be a major part of my life. I regularly have my own quiet mindful meditation time to allow myself to have peace of mind. I think that if we take a holistic approach towards our health and life, gradual improvements occur naturally.

As a diabetic, a pre-diabetic,or those concerned about a tendency to become a diabetic, being resilient is critical. It is natural for self-doubt and negative self-talk to occur.


As we meet regularly, belief in yourself to do better and jump over the hurdles of life will become more and more a force of habit. Changing habits is where progress occurs. As someone with cardiovascular issues, the application of these principles is just as effective.



My Bloodwork

I am a diabetic and I used to take insulin. I no longer take insulin. I have a:


5.3 A1C

Cholesterol - 97

HDL - 47

LDL - 27

Triglycerides - 115


Studies suggest that aTG/ HDL ratio over 3 is a reliable predictor of insulin resistance. Mine is now 2.45. This improvement did not happen without effort and habit change.


I know how to do this and I will help you inspire yourself to do this.


My Philosophy

I am passionate about inspiring others.

Each person comes to me with a different life story, and his or her diabetes or fear of diabetes is different. Each of you has different habits, different diets, different exercise patterns, and different capacities to change.


Two primary aspects of my diabetic coaching program are 1) deep listening to you with compassion, humility and an open heart, and 2) a focus on gradual habit change. No judgment involved. We all have habits we don't want that come from years of living beginning in youth.


You can learn the best diet plan, the best exercise program , the best meds for you, and we will work on all that, but the key to success in improving your health is habit change, and you will find remarkable change will ultimately come from you and you alone.



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